34 good reasons to live in W34

Welcome in W34

W34 is a beautiful, modern residential building located in Woluwe-Saint-Lambert. A stone’s throw from the bustling centre of Brussels but in an oasis of green and a charming environment with numerous possibilities to choose from to relax and unwind.

This website reveals how the renowned Assar Architects guarantee sustainable reconversion, how the neighbourhood guarantees sporting fun and gastronomic delights and how you too will soon be thrilled to call W34 your new home.

This website also includes an interactive availability module. You can use it to dream about the layout of your apartment to your heart’s content.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to receive more information!

34 reasons to say ‘yes’

W34 is much more than just a beautiful home.

  • It is an ideal focal point for your life.
  • A perfect base for working, exploring, enjoyment and living.
  • A place to raise children and enjoy the autumn of your life.

W34 is also an excellent financial investment in one of the most prestigious boroughs in the country.

Boulevard de la Woluwe 34

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

T: 02 777 19 14 - E: info@w34.be